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Sent: Wednesday, 22 August 2001 9:20
Subject: Fuel Tax

Fuel Tax Inquiry,
Department of Treasury,
Langton Crescent,
Parkes, ACT 2600.

Attn: Secretary

Dear Sir / Madam,

I would like to ask you a few valid questions regarding our current tax system on fuel.

1.Can you please explain why half the amount per litre is tax and the balance is divided among the oil company, wholesaler, transport tanker company and the service station?
This doesn't sound all that fair to me!

2. Why has this government added GST to the fuel excise at the pump?
Again this doesn't sound all that fair when we get a tax on a tax !

To summarise my problem with this issue. I'm outlaying an extra $20.00 a week over and above all the other taxes I have top pay. Which is causing me a great deal of hardship and i will remember this at Voting time.


Patrick Cramer

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