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Press Releases

18 August 2001 - 03

Fuel Taxation Inquiry - Issues Paper Released

The Chairman of the Federal Government's Fuel Taxation Inquiry, Mr David Trebeck, today released an Issues Paper designed to assist those wishing to make a submission.

The Issues Paper is available on the Inquiry website today and printed copies can be obtained from the Inquiry secretariat on Monday.

The Inquiry is examining the total structure of fuel taxation in Australia. The Issues Paper provides background information about fuel taxation in Australia and the major fuel users most affected by these taxes.

"While the Issues Paper raises some specific questions, this should not be interpreted as limiting the Inquiry's field of interest or the scope of submissions. This is a broad inquiry, and we welcome all views and suggestions about fuel taxation", Mr Trebeck said.

"Fuel costs affect all Australians and fuel taxes contribute to these costs. The Inquiry will therefore be conducted as openly as possible with extensive opportunities for public input through submissions and consultations", Mr Trebeck said.

Submissions will be available on the website, as will background papers produced during the course of the Inquiry (http://fueltaxinquiry.treasury.gov.au). Initial background papers will include a review of the many past inquiries into fuel and the structure of fuel taxation in other countries.

Submissions are requested by 30 September 2001 to:

Fuel Taxation Inquiry
C/- Department of the Treasury
Langton Crescent
Ph: (02) 6263 4448 Fax (02) 6263 4312

Contact: Nigel Bailey: 0412 208 836 (ah)

18 August 2001

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