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Press Releases

11 January 2002 - 04

Fuel Taxation Inquiry: Update to Groups and Individuals Who Have Made Submissions to the Committee


The Committee inquiring into fuel taxation wishes to thank all those who have made submissions in response to its Issues Paper.

Over 300 submissions have been received - from individuals, major companies, small businesses, industry, community and environmental organisations and government.

The Committee is grateful for the time and effort that has gone into the preparation of all submissions made to the Inquiry.

The Inquiry has now met with around 50 groups in a series of one-on-one consultations held in Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Perth.

Those consultations, and the submissions, have highlighted strongly held positions on fuel tax - and fuel generally - and that a range of views exist on the issues before the Committee.

Among the issues raised with the Committee include:

  • the level of fuel taxation;
  • the role of the tax system in addressing environmental objectives, particularly through encouraging the development of alternative fuels;
  • administration arrangements of aspects of the fuel taxation system, including the provision of rebates, subsidies and grants; and
  • the interaction between Commonwealth and State fuel tax, rebate, subsidy and grants.


The Committee is posting submissions received on its website (http://fueltaxinquiry.treasury.gov.au) and encourages those who have made submissions to examine others for alternative points of view and if necessary, respond to the Inquiry.

This will assist the Committee with its analysis. Given the Inquiry's reporting date of March, timely responses would be greatly appreciated.


In addition to submissions and consultations, the Inquiry has assembled and studied other publications and reports into fuel taxation arrangements. Three background papers, in addition to the Issues paper, have been prepared and posted on the website:

  • Previous reports on Petroleum Products;
  • History of Fuel taxation in Australia; and
  • International Fuel Taxes.

The Inquiry has also undertaken examination of fuel tax arrangements in overseas jurisdictions.

David Trebeck (Chairman)
John Landels AC
Kevin Hughes


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